About me

Richard Carter
Yours truly, giving it the Heathcliffs on the Moor.

I'm a writer and photographer based in Hebden Bridge in the West Yorkshire Pennines.

I write mainly about what interests me most: the natural world, the British countryside, science in general, and Charles Darwin in particular. I combine all of these interests in my first book, On the Moor: Science, History and Nature on a Country Walk, which recently emerged bruised but triumphant from its sixth and final draft. If you're a publisher on the lookout for the non-fiction equivalent of Fifty Shades of Grey, but without quite so much of that kinky tied-up-sex stuff, you'd be well-advised to get in touch before some other scoundrel snaps it up. Seriously, you'll be kicking yourself. Remember Decca and the Beatles? (No, me neither.)

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