Notes from Nell Carr Farm

My notes on ‘Notes From Walnut Tree Farm’.

‘Notes from Walnut Tree Farm’ is by far my favourite Roger Deakin book. His assembled notes and jottings are packed full of ideas. The signal-to-noise ratio is phenomenal.

Keswick Woods

In which I return to a favourite childhood haunt after a gap of 40 years.

Bacon and X

Francis Bacon

Not wishing to boast, but Richard Carter didn't get C-minuses—and he certainly didn't get SEE MEs.


The Milky Way.

I’ve never seen stars remotely approaching those in Anglesey. There are so damn many of them. Thousand upon thousand. Too many to count.

Pleasures of August


August on the Dee Marshes and the Pennine Moors, including encounters with a bolshie pheasant, a practising peregrine, and a flirty wheatear.