Published Pieces

Things I wrote or made that were published elsewhere.

  • LRB letter: ‘The reaction economy’

    LRB letter: ‘The reaction economy’

    On Charles Darwin’s use of photography in his book about human and animal emotions.

  • Bats podcast piece

    Bats podcast piece

    I make a guest appearance in episode 16 of Melissa Harrison’s podcast ‘The Stubborn Light of Things’. Here’s an extended version.

  • Notes from Nell Carr Farm

    Notes from Nell Carr Farm

    ‘Notes from Walnut Tree Farm’ is by far my favourite Roger Deakin book. His assembled notes and jottings are packed full of ideas. The signal-to-noise ratio is phenomenal.

  • Hebden’s non-eponymous bridges

    Hebden’s non-eponymous bridges

    In which I describe a few of my favourite bridges from my photo-project ‘Hebden’s Other Bridges’.

  • Migrant waders anthology

    Migrant waders anthology

    I have provided an article for a new anthology about wading birds.

  • Nature Book Reader

    Nature Book Reader

    My recommendations for some top nature reading have been included in the updated Caught by the River Nature Book Reader webzine.

  • Invertigo


    I’ve never seen stars remotely approaching those in Anglesey. There are so damn many of them. Thousand upon thousand. Too many to count.

  • LRB letter: ‘Weather-forecasting frogs’

    LRB letter: ‘Weather-forecasting frogs’

    On the unlikely 17th and 18th-century German fashion of keeping tree frogs to forecast the weather.

  • Pleasures of August

    Pleasures of August

    August on the Dee Marshes and the Pennine Moors, including encounters with a bolshie pheasant, a practising peregrine, and a flirty wheatear.

  • Prize-winning author lost on Moor

    Prize-winning author lost on Moor

    When your instincts and your compass disagree, trust your instincts. I mean your compass.

  • Back-endish


    How a mere week can make a big difference in the natural world.

  • In the wilderness of Wirral

    In the wilderness of Wirral

    An unwelcome modern intrusion into one of my favourite wildernesses takes me on an unplanned medieval journey in reverse.