Friends’ websites

Links to the websites of some of my real-world and online friends.

  • Fiona Walton
    Television, film and theatre director. Scottish BAFTA New Talent Best Director award-winner.
  • Evolving Thoughts
    The blog of the Australian historian and philosopher of science John S Wilkins, PhD, author of books on classification, species concepts, and ‘Intelligent Design’, albino gorilla, and self-confessed fatso.
  • The Renaissance Mathematicus
    The blog of Thony C, ‘an aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now lives mostly in the 16th century’. This chap likes nothing better than debunking historical myths, the killjoy.
  • The Dispersal of Darwin
    The history of science blog of fellow Darwin-groupie, Michael D. Barton, science historian, based in Portland, Oregon. I bought him his first pint.
  • Beholder
    A gem of a website by Dave Whiteland, artist, programmer, martial arts expert, and author.