Newsletter No. 9: ‘Teaser or spoiler?’

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10 NOVEMBER 2017


It’s been a bit longer than usual since my last update. Apologies, but I’ve been working hard to get my book On the Moor out there. Barring any last-minute hiccups, I hope to be able to make a major announcement in my next newsletter. (I’m not sure if that counts as a teaser or a spoiler, but, either way, watch this space…)

Some stuff I thought worth sharing:

This time there are precisely 10 links (for those of you who happen to count in the octal numeral system):

  1. A Swap for Zanzibar
    Neal Ascherson on the strange history of the North Sea archipelago of Heligoland. I couldn’t help thinking W.G. Sebald would have been fascinated by this.
  2. 30 Days Timelapse at Sea
    Someone had the wonderful idea of fixing a timelapse video camera to the top of a container ship. Compulsive viewing.
  3. Darwin’s Megatherium molar mystery
    Reuniting the remains of a prehistoric giant ground sloth excavated by Charles Darwin in Patagonia in 1832.
  4. On the edge, calling back: Barry Lopez
    A moving interview with the adjectiveless writer Barry Lopez. I still haven’t read his highly acclaimed Artic Dreams, but it can only be a matter of time.
  5. The Invitation
    The Lopez interview mentioned above refers to this Granta article: a thoughtful piece on how indigenous people experience events in the natural world in a different way to us.
  6. What sparked the Cambrian explosion?
    Scientists have hypothesised for decades about the cause of the evolutionary burst known as the Cambrian Explosion that happened 540 million years ago. Could a steep rise in oxygen have sparked the change, or some key evolutionary innovation?
  7. Little Toller Books: Clarissa Luard Award Shortlisted Publishers
    Adrian Cooper on how he and his partner created Little Toller books in their spare bedroom: proof that it’s possible for non-experts to create something very special. So what are you waiting for?
  8. Iain Sinclair’s farewell to London
    In characteristically concentrated prose, Iain Sinclair on how he has lost his centre of gravity: his compulsion to write about London.

Coming soon (shameless plug):

On the Moor covers (front and back)
[Click to enlarge]

I hope you’re even one-tenth as excited about this as I am.


A raven ‘cronking’ in Anglesey.

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