Book review: ‘The Arvon Book of Literary Non-Fiction’ by Sally Cline & Midge Gillies

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‘The Arvon Book of Literary Non-Fiction’ by Cline & Gillies

This book provides guidance to would-be authors of literary non-fiction. It is divided into three parts.

In Part 1, the co-authors explore a range of genres. I found one author’s contributions far more interesting and personally relevant than the other’s. Other readers would no doubt feel differently.

Part 2 provides thoughts and tips from a collection of guest contributors. These were mostly pretty interesting and useful.

Part 3 provides advice on how to go about writing literary non-fiction. It was mainly written in note form. There was little meat in this section, and I ended up skim-reading it.

A great idea for a book, but it could have been executed better.

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