27 May 2020

Up until one o’clock this morning taking and processing photos of the International Space Station passing over Hebden Bridge just before midnight. The resulting shot was a composite of two separate photos.

International Space Station
The International Space Station passing over Hebden Bridge
(composite photograph from two originals)

It was lovely being out in the dark. A tawny owl hooted nearby, bats flittered above the patio, and I was surprised to hear an awful lot of bees droning from the bushes.

By Richard Carter

Richard Carter is a writer and photo­grapher living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Website · Facebook · Twitter · Newsletter · Book

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Carter cleverly weaves in science at every opportunity, whether it’s inspired by direct observations of birds and animals and plants […] or spinning off from a trig point onto the geometric methods of surveying through history all the way up to GPS. […] All in all, this is probably best described as a great ramble on the moor with an expert guide. […] It’s a wuthering wonder.
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