5 June 2020

Some snippets from this week:

Tuesday: Spotted all three of the Yorkshire Dales’ Three Peaks from Oxenhope Moor as I was heading back from Sainsbury’s. They looked remarkably close for 50km away.

Wednesday: Finally some rain—albeit in the form of drizzle. May was the sunniest month (not just the sunniest May) on record. We could seriously do with some rain, but nothing too heavy: with all the sun-baked earth about, we don’t want heavy rainfall creating flash-floods. Drizzle will do just fine to loosen things up.

Thursday morning: A pair of blue tits feeding three fledglings at the bird table. Not, I think, from our nest box, unfortunately. For the first time ever, I’m pretty sure we haven’t had any birds nesting there this year.

Blue tit
Knackered parent

Thursday afternoon: A goldcrest in our fir tree! A garden first!

Thursday evening: A pleasant walk around the lanes. Later, a barn owl hunting over the field in front of our house once again. By the time I’d grabbed my camera, it had gone. Next time!

Stoodley Pike Monument from the Carr track
Stoodley Pike Monument from the Carr track

Today: A male bullfinch on our bird table: an infrequent but welcome visitor to our garden.

By Richard Carter

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