23 August 2020

It looks as if crane fly season is upon us once again. Having defenestrated one before bed on Wednesday, I lay awake listening to another tap-tap-tapping against the ceiling, anxiously expecting it to land on my upturned face at any moment. A few moments later, it landed on my upturned face, and I emitted an involuntary bellow. Call me over-reactive, but I’m very highly strung when it comes to flappy things landing on my face.

The lights back on, I eventually managed to capture this second crane fly and chucked it out the window to join its buddy.

The light off once again, it took a good five minutes before the tap-tap-tapping resumed. Then another crane fly landed on my upturned face, and I emitted a second bellow.

By the time of my third bellow, I was wide awake. So I tossed the offending insect out the window and went to do some work in the study until things calmed down.

Crane fly trapped in spider’s web
A crane fly trapped in a spider’s web on our gate this morning.

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