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Every so often, Facebook presents you with ‘Memories’ of stuff you posted on exactly the same day one or more years ago. Like many of Facebook’s features, it’s one I would happily turn off if I could. Very occasionally, these reminders are welcome, but mostly they’re just yet more random social media noise competing for my eyeballs.

During the lockdown, these ‘Memories’ have reminded me of stuff I would normally be doing, were travel wise or allowed at the moment. I’ve been seeing lots of old posts from my former, almost weekly, trips to the Wirral to visit Dad. Nowadays, I visit him twice weekly via FaceTime, which works remarkably well. But I’m missing my regular trips to the Dee Marshes en route to Dad’s, and my occasional coffee trysts with my friend Carolyn while I’m over there—although those too have now been replaced with video-calls.

Who would have thought video-calls would become such an important way of keeping in touch? I’m seeing far more of my friends than I ever did when I was still allowed to meet them in the flesh. They’re not the same as meeting in real life, of course, but they’re a vast improvement on text messages and phone calls. It’s good to be able to look friends and family in the face and see they really are doing OK.


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