Stanage Edge

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Considering we live just an hour’s drive away, it’s astonishing Jen and I don’t visit the Peak District more often. Actually, come to think of it, until last weekend we’d only visited the Peak District together once—for her younger brother’s wedding reception—and that hardly counts.

So, the last time we were out drinking with the in-laws, as well as rashly agreeing to read my sister-in-law’s favourite book, I dropped a not particularly subtle hint that perhaps they could invite us over to their place in Sheffield some time, so we could all go for a walk along the impressive gritstone escarpment of Stanage Edge. Which is exactly what finally happened last weekend.

Stanage Edge

It was a fantastic walk. The weather was perfect, the heather was in full bloom, the crowds at the popular beauty-spot were reasonably small, the views were fantastic, the company was spot-on, and there was even a pub-lunch at nearby Hathersage thrown in at the end for good measure.

A really pleasant part of the world.

Thanks, in-laws!

Stanage Edge

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