Writing tagged: ‘Hebden Bridge’

  • A brace of raptors

    A brace of raptors

    Two close-encounters with murderous birds in as many days.

  • Cocker, the walk

    Cocker, the walk

    A short walk with Mark Cocker to admire the natural grandeur of a Yorkshire wood.

  • Propellor: Flight // In Conversation

    Propellor: Flight // In Conversation

    A cross-genre performance of music and words.

  • Philosophising


    In which I attend a philosophical guided walk on a familiar patch.

  • Lady Amherst’s pheasant

    Lady Amherst’s pheasant

    A rare bird visits our garden.

  • Weird magpie

    Weird magpie

    In which I encounter a brown and white magpie.

  • Sibling rivalry

    Sibling rivalry

    In nature, individuals aren’t just in competition with the elements or other species.

  • Storm Arwen

    Storm Arwen

    In which I (again) bemoan the naming of storms, and experience what it’s like to go off grid.

  • Back-endish


    This wonderful autumn has finally begun to show signs of ‘back-endishness’, although there are still plenty of glorious colours to admire.

  • Autumn strolls

    Autumn strolls

    After several days of pretty dreadful weather, Jen and I were finally able to get some decent autumn strolls in over the last week.

  • A thrilling encounter on the most inauspicious of days

    A surprisingly fruitful week in terms of random bird encounters

  • 27 September 2021

    Our semi-tame resident pheasant, Philip (whom I suspect is actually Philip III), has been strutting proudly about the garden the last few days with missus and kids in tow.