Rich Text / Friends of Charles Darwin newsletters: a note for existing subscribers


This note is intended for people who subscribed to either or both of my newsletters before December 2023. Those emails are:

  • Rich Text: My personal newsletter celebrating science, history and nature writing, and related topics.
  • The Friends of Charles Darwin newsletter: celebrating Charles Darwin and the grandeur in his view of life.

For personal family reasons, both newsletters have been conspicuous by their absence during 2023. But moves are afoot…

  • I’m bringing both newsletters out of hiatus, taking the opportunity to have a bit of a revamp.
  • The service I previously used for sending out the newsletters (TinyLetter) is being scrapped, so I’ve moved both newsletters and their existing subscribers to another service, Substack.
  • Apologies, but by default, you’ll now start receiving both newsletters—even if you’ve previously only subscribed to one. I’m afraid I have no control over this—although you do…
  • Obviously, I’d be delighted if you give both newsletters a try—especially as they are on closely related topics—but, if you click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any of the newsletter emails, you’ll be able to indicate which of the newsletters you do and don’t want to receive.
  • Although Substack allows authors to charge for newsletters, both of mine will remain free.

Thanks. It’s great to be back, and it’s going to be fun!