Rich Text 31: Bonus Links

Some stuff there wasn’t space for in my Rich Text newsletter No. 31:

  1. Footprints on Merseyside beach shine light on biodiversity in ancient Britain
    Footprint beds on Formby beach reveal that the intertidal landscapes of Mesolithic Britain were hubs of human and animal activity for the first few thousand years after the last glacial period.
  2. Now playing (Caught by the River) (video)
    A mesmerising video promoting the new track ‘Sister Rena’ by Lomond Campbell from the album ‘Under This Hunger Moon We Fell’.
  3. Tutankhamun’s burial chamber may contain door to Nefertiti’s tomb
    Hidden hieroglyphics could suggest the king is buried within a much larger structure housing the Egyptian queen.
  4. Increase in LED lighting ‘risks harming human and animal health’
    The transition to blue light radiation across Europe increases suppression of sleep hormone melatonin, say scientists.
  5. Hunger stones, wrecks and bones: Europe’s drought brings past to surface
    Receding rivers and lakes recently exposed ghost villages, a Nazi vehicle and a Roman fort.
  6. Ovule obsession, or: A life without ash
    Forester and pathologist Jim Pratt describes his growing obsession with, and love for, the ash tree, along with his concerns about the causes and implications of ash dieback disease.
  7. ‘Zero scent’: could negative reviews of smelly candles hint at a covid surge?
    Research shows there is indeed a correlation between Covid cases and the number of reviews complaining that Yankee Candles don’t have a smell.


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