9 June 2019

Our garden is suddenly full of fledglings. Pied wagtails, great tits, blue tits, goldfinches.

I assume the blue tit fledglings came from our nest box. I spotted them this morning, hanging inexpertly beneath rhododendron branches, searching for insects.

I watched a great tit fledgling taking a energetic, solitary full-immersion soak in our bird bath. I’m guessing it was its first. It seemed to enjoy its bath. Who wouldn’t, after weeks crammed in a mite-infested, shit-stained nest with eight or so siblings?

Driving rain all afternoon, resulting in a spectacular cloud-sea in the valley below the house in the evening. My photos didn’t do it justice, but I captured a nice shot of the sunset behind Old Town Mill.

Sunset behind Old Town Mill
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