23 February 2020

Chopping kindling in the garage, I’m distracted for five minutes by a flock of fieldfares that land and frolic noisily in our big sycamore. One of the joys of winter. There were over 200 of them in the field behind our house when I went out to the compost heap earlier in the week. They’ll be gone soon… One of the few drawbacks of spring.

Later, during a break in the rain, Jen and I take a walk around the lanes. Glorious sunshine. Howling wind. Scudding clouds. Some decent weather at last. Wonderful.

A break in the rain.

Richard Carter

Richard Carter is a writer and photo­grapher living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. He is currently working on a book about looking at the world through Darwin’s eyes.Website · Newsletter · Mastodon · Facebook

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