30 March 2020

En route to the kettle first thing, I glanced out the dining room window and stopped dead in my tracks. The low sun had just crept round the side of the house, illuminating the top-most branches of the cherry and hawthorn trees. I had never seem them look so stunning. The photo I took doesn’t do them justice.

Sunlight on trees

A short while later, I popped outside to add some stuff to the recycling bins, and again stopped dead in my tracks. The sycamore by our workshop was bathed in a magnificent side-light. Again, I had never seen it look so stunning. This time, I think the photo does do it some justice.

Sycamore bathed in light

Later still, as I was bringing in some washing, a roe deer leapt over the fence from our neighbour’s garden and trotted off at a leisurely pace across the fields. I guess that confirms my suspicion as to who was responsible for all the mysterious divots on our front lawn last week.

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