Year of Getting Stuff Out There

I’ve decided to make 2017 my Year Of Getting Stuff Out There (catchy acronym: YOGSOT).

The words ‘stuff’ and ‘there’ are deliberately vague to allow me some leeway. But I aim to keep publishing my work throughout the year, be it individual photographs, reviews, newsletters, articles, or more ambitious projects.

I’ve got off to an uncharacteristically flying start by having a slightly amended form of my Caught by the River article about my ‘Hebden’s Other Bridges’ photo-project published in the January 2017 edition of Dalesman magazine. And I’ve agreed to put on a small exhibition of my bridges photos for a Caught by the River poetry and prose event in Hebden Bridge on 21st January.

High on my list of priorities for this new year will be (finally) to publish my book On the Moor in both ebook, and more traditional dead-tree-book formats. Then I plan to begin work on my next book.

Of course, I fully appreciate that every year needs to be a Year Of Getting Stuff Out There, but we all have to start somewhere.

Watch this space…

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