I caught a crab!
Giving it the David Attenboroughs

I’m a writer and photographer based in Hebden Bridge in the West Yorkshire Pennines.

My interests include the natural world, the British countryside, science in general, and Charles Darwin in particular. I combined these interests in my first book, On the Moor: Science, History and Nature on a Country Walk. It’s about digging deeper into the things I encounter on my local patch. It’s good: you should definitely check it out—by which, obviously, I mean buy it.

I’m currently working on a book about looking at the world through Darwin’s eyes.

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On the Moor: science, history and nature on a country walk

There’s barely a page without a surprising fact…whether it’s about a vacuum flask, a hawk or a bilberry. […] Begin the book as you would a moorland walk, happy to put the route map away and just follow where the sheep trods take you—then you’ll likely find the surprising turns and unexpected views a suitable reward.

Nick Small, Caught by the River

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On the Moor

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