Where to follow me

I have a frankly ridiculous number of online presences (full list here), but here are the best ways of keeping tabs on me:


The best way to follow me is to subscribe to my ‘Rich Text’ newsletter. It’s short, perfectly formed, and not at all spammy. I typically send out one newsletter per month.


My Writing Page conveniently gathers all my latest writing from the various sections of this website ( blog posts, newsletters, and reviews). There's also an RSS feed for my fellow RSS fans.


I’m @richardcarter@mastodon.org.uk on Mastodon. I headed over there once the narcissist bought Twitter. It has far more pleasant vibes. (I’m also still on Twitter, but plan to use it far less in future.)

Threads icon

I’m @freshgruts on Threads. I’m still in two minds about how much time I’m prepared to invest in another app owned by Facebook, but I’m giving it a go.

Bluesky icon

I’m @friendsofdarwin on Bluesky, although it’s still early days, and I don’t post much there.


On my Facebook page. I typically only post one or two updates a week. Unfortunately, Facebook’s control-freaky algorithms mean you won’t see everything I post.


I post to my Instagram photos feed roughly once a day. I tend to publish a mix of serious photos and fun snaps.


My Flickr page contains thousands of photos going back many years. I tend to post to it in batches, usually after going out for walks.