Where to follow me

I have a frankly ridiculous number of online presences (full list here), but here are the best ways of keeping tabs on me:


The best way to follow me is to subscribe to my ‘Rich Text’ newsletter. It’s short, perfectly formed, and not at all spammy. I typically send out one newsletter per month.


My Writing Page conveniently gathers all my latest writing from the various sections of this website ( blog posts, newsletters, and reviews). There's also an RSS feed for my fellow RSS fans.


I’m @friendsofdarwin on Twitter. I tweet a mix of personal updates, history of science stuff (mainly of a Darwinian nature), and anything else that interests or amuses me.


On my Facebook page. I typically only post one or two updates a week. Unfortunately, Facebook’s control-freaky algorithms mean you won’t see everything I post.


I post to my Instagram photos feed roughly once a day. I tend to publish a mix of serious photos and fun snaps.


My Flickr page contains thousands of photos going back many years. I tend to post to it in batches, usually after going out for walks.