Where to follow me

With the vast choice of social media and other websites these days, it's often difficult to know the best ways to follow particular people. I have a frankly ridiculous number of online presences (full list here), so I thought it might be helpful to list the best ways of keeping tabs on me:

WWWYou should bookmark my All Writing Page. It conveniently lists, on a single page, all my latest writing from the different sections of this website (articles, reviews, and newsletters). For the geeks amongst us, there's even an RSS feed.

FacebookPlease follow my Facebook page. I post links to most of my new writing there, along with the occasional photograph. I typically only post one or two updates a week.

TwitterI am @friendsofdarwin on Twitter. I tweet a mix of personal updates, history of science stuff (mainly of a Darwinian nature), and anything else that interests or amuses me.

NewsletterYou should definitely subscribe to my ‘Rich Text’ newsletter. It is short, perfectly formed, and not at all spammy. I tend to send out about one newsletter per month.

InstagramI post to my Instagram photos feed roughly once a day. I tend to publish a mix of serious photos and fun snaps.

FlickrMy Flickr page contains thousands of photos going back many years. I tend to post to it in batches, usually after going out for walks.

GoodReadsMy GoodReads page lists and reviews some of the books I've read.