A sporadically updated note about stuff currently exercising my mind.
Last updated: 31st December 2023

A disrupted year

My writing has been severely disrupted this year by the long-term illness, then death in August, of my mother-in-law, Pat—a lovely lady, whom I’ll miss.

Darwin book

I’m around 87,000 words into the first draft of my second book, Through Darwin’s Eyes. It’s about how Charles Darwin looked at the world, and about how he enabled us to look at the world in a new and better way.

Online concerns


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Tempted by analogue

Although I’m committed to my computer-assisted note-making and writing, I find myself increasingly intrigued by the idea of going a bit more analogue. Not as a replacement for my computers, but as a complement to them. In particular, I like the idea of using analogue notebooks as a means of slowing down, and thinking more about what I’m working on. As a paper notebook addict, I have literally scores of them stored away in boxes simply crying out to be sullied with my horrendous scrawl. Soon, maybe!