The Welsh side

In all my years visiting the Dee Marshes, I had never looked across them from the Welsh side.

The great Darwin fossil hunt

Fossil barnacles

For my 50th birthday, a friend beyond compare organised a very special birthday present for the only self-confessed ‘Darwin groupie’ in her life.

Seeing purple

The Moor in heather

The Moor is at peak-purple at this time of year, with the heather in full bloom.

The nearly dead tree

Each spring, I visit a particular corner of the Moor to check if an old friend has managed to survive another winter.

In the wilderness of Wirral

An unwelcome modern intrusion into one of my favourite wildernesses takes me on an unplanned medieval journey in reverse.

Wild Cat Island

Three and a half decades after I first became enchanted by the place, I finally set foot on the island that inspired Arthur Ransome's ‘Swallows and Amazons’.