6 November 2018

· Wirral ·

A good writing session this afternoon, sitting in the back seat of the car at the Dee Marshes. I just banged words into my iPad as if they were going out of fashion. It’s strange how a change of venue can help. That, and having spent several days researching my subject-matter. Sometimes it helps to work out what you want to say before actually trying to say it. Other times, banging out any old crap can work too. The important thing is to get stuff written.

I later took a short walk on the marsh. It was muddier than I expected—which I guess makes me something of an idiot.

Dee Marshes, Gayton

Richard Carter

Richard Carter is a writer and photo­grapher living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. He is currently working on a book about looking at the world through Darwin’s eyes.Website · Newsletter · Mastodon · Facebook

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