16 May 2019

路 Wirral 路

A visit to my lifelong friend Carolyn. I was recently sent a review copy of the book The Good Bee by Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum. I enjoyed it very much, and thought Carolyn would too as she keeps bees, so I brought her my review copy. I also decided to grab some video footage of a couple of Carolyn鈥檚 bee hives to include in my review. This turned out to be a spectacularly stupid idea. As I approached the nearest hive, the bees, which are apparently close to swarming, immediately went into attack mode, stinging me on the cheek, and causing me to lose my glasses in a huge patch of nettles. It took Carolyn and me (by now, in beekeeper suits) 20 minutes to recover them. Fortunately, the video footage survives:

We later drove to nearby Burton and took a walk through the fields and woods. I鈥檇 not walked this particular route before. It was very bucolic.

Carolyn and Minnie
Carolyn and Minnie

By Richard Carter

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