Turtles of the air


What links sea-turtles, swifts, and railway viaducts? Plus some handy ornithological photo tips.

Hats off to geology!

Sandstone quarry, Burton Point

Geology doesn't receive the recognition it deserves. Our modern understanding of how the world formed and evolved is one of science’s great triumphs.

Bacon and X

Francis Bacon

Not wishing to boast, but Richard Carter didn't get C-minuses—and he certainly didn't get SEE MEs.


Milky Way

I’ve never seen stars remotely approaching those in Anglesey. There are so damn many of them. Thousand upon thousand. Too many to count.

The great Darwin fossil hunt

Fossil barnacles

For my 50th birthday, a friend beyond compare organised a very special birthday present for the only self-confessed ‘Darwin groupie’ in her life.