14 July 2019

Working in the study with the window wide open first thing this morning, I heard the noise of somebody pottering about outside. It carried on for quite some time, growing more and more distracting. Eventually, it began to sound as if they were pottering right underneath the window. A really bold burglar, perhaps? I went over to the window, and found myself looking straight down at a roe deer that was trying to work out whether it could jump our narrow side-gate.

I ran to get Jen and my camera, and managed to get some nice shots of the deer as it trotted across the front lawn and clambered over the tumbled-down section of our wall. I guess that explains how it tumbled down.

Roe deer
Roe deer

After lunch, Jen and took a walk around the lanes. There were loads of butterflies about. I impressed Jen by being able to identify a ringlet butterfly, although I soon coughed I only recognised it because I’d had to look one up last week.

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