14 February 2021

The prolonged cold-spell is forecast to end today. Lots of people have been tweeting about how nice it’s been.

Snow on setts
Snowy setts, Hebden Bridge

In any other month, I’d probably agree. But I’ve generally had quite enough of winter, come February.

Come on, spring, get a move on!

By Richard Carter

Richard Carter is a writer and photo­grapher living in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Website · Facebook · Twitter · Newsletter · Book

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On the Moor

Carter cleverly weaves in science at every opportunity, whether it’s inspired by direct observations of birds and animals and plants […] or spinning off from a trig point onto the geometric methods of surveying through history all the way up to GPS. […] All in all, this is probably best described as a great ramble on the moor with an expert guide. […] It’s a wuthering wonder.
Brian Clegg, popular science author and communicator, Popular Science Books

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